Brandon Niederauer "Taz"

just a kid who loves playing music

Brandon has been interviewed, featured, and reviewed in numerous publications, including:

Guitar Player Magazine (February 2016)

Relix (March, 2015)   American Blues Scene, Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2015)   

Grand Gtr's Germany (March/April 2015)   Blues Greece (December 2013)

Most musicians would sell their souls to play with legends like Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes and George Porter Jr. Yet 11-year-old guitar whiz Brandon “Taz” Niederauer has already shared the stage with those artists and many others since he first hit the scene at the end of 2013. “I really got into music when I was 8 years old,” recalls Niederauer. “I wanted to learn the guitar, so I started. Now, I play guitar.” Don’t let the understatement fool you. This is a kid that has shredded “Whipping Post” with the best of them. Whether he’s making waves at Bear Creek and Jam Cruise or showing off his chops on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Niederauer never fails to leave a trail of dropped jaws in his wake. With his prowess on the six-string firmly established, the young artist plans to record an album and go on tour with Lions on the Moon, a new band that he formed with his brother and a couple of other young musicians. “When I get on the stage and move into the groove, it’s the most amazing feeling,” he adds. “I just forget about everything and go into my zone.”
— Relix

New York's PIX 11 TV

By Jared T. Miller @ Newsweek

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this kid is that he’s not just a novelty act. Close your eyes, and it’s just a helluva axe solo. Knowing that it comes from someone with so much future ahead of him just feels like a big bonus for us all.

Shot in NYC at D'Angelico's headquarters.

Shot in NYC at Gibson

As [Gary Clark Jr.] joins the ranks of his guitar-legend lodestars, he’s paying it forward to younger talent, including to a fledgling guitarist named Brandon “Taz” Niederauer. During Clark’s show at Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield last year, Clark unexpectedly asked Niederauer, whom he’d previously met, to join him onstage for an encore performance of “Bright Lights.” The babe-in-the-woods 11-year-old said absolutely.

“His eyes get really big, he’s like, ‘Yeah man,’” Clark remembered upon asking Niederauer to join him onstage. “So I’m like, ‘Alright well, you can take this part here ... I was like, ‘Are you cool with that?’ He’s like ‘I got it, don’t worry about it.’ I’m like, ‘Who the hell are you, man?’”
— Huffington Post

Good Morning America 2013

The Ellen Show 2013